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Video Production

Whether your project is meant for Broadcast or Internal Marketing, Industrial Training or Commercial, Sports or Corporate Image, Hughes brings more than 20 years of production experience in each of these areas to your project. Whether the format you are shooting is 35mm, HDCam, XDCam, DVCam, Beta SP or Mini-DV, Hughes has shot it. Request a reel on DVD via mail or just view some of the hi-lite reels here on this site. Be sure to include your address and phone number in your correspondence when requesting a reel.

Director of Photography

A Director of Photography has to be able to look at a given scene and know in those first instances what it is in that scene that he wants others to see and how he wants them to see it. This is the most important quality that a Director of Photography can possess.

"When I look at any scene I see the multiple pictures that are already there within it. I analyze the light and start choosing my compositions. I think about how it all might be different or better. Maybe it works just the way it is. I know what I like - and to my mind that is the most important quality that a Director of Photography can possess. Everyone will see the same scene differently. It is a subjective art, and yet the pictures do not make themselves, so that subjectivity is required."

But enough with philosophy, there is work to do! Maybe you know exactly how you would like it all to look. After all, you are the client. Hughes is able to get you to the vision that you have in your head as well, not just simply the vision that he has. That is how Hughes has managed to stay in business as a successful Director of Photography, photographer and cameraman for more than twenty years. Hughes listens to you, and then offers his insights and experiences for you to consider. There are many good and skilled DP's out there, but ultimately it is the rapport and relationship that is established between you and your Director of Photography that will have the greatest impact on the quality of the work that you will take into your edit...  Unless of course, you just absolutely enjoy having blow out creative disputes with your DP on location, with the implication that you are an unimaginative knucklehead!

Camera Packages

You need a camera? Hughes has cameras. Need a different camera, with a different format? All cameras are available, and at competitive rates. No one can own them all, but you can always have the same great Director of Photography working with them. Hughes has shot with nearly every camera out there. And by "nearly", it is meant that there is a new camera with new capability released nearly every day. It is how you use them that really matters.

Lighting, Grip & Camera Package Support:

Arri Lighting Kits - 9 instruments, 6 C-Stands, Flags, Cookies, Reflectors and more. 9" Sony 16x9 Field Monitor, 22" LCD Samsung Flatscreen with Black Magic HD/SDI Converter and an Ikan 8" LCD Field Monitor. Cartoni Gamma Fluid Head Tripod, Hi-Hat and Other Toys. And, of course, the Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle Camera Crane. More gack added everyday!

But Wait! There's More!

Hughes also provides turn key production services for your commercial or video project. From concept to completion. Be sure to review the reel clips on this site to see just a sample of some of the many Hughes Creative Services Productions.

Call or write for more information about availability and rates, and how Hughes can make your next production a stand out success.

"I'd hate to think that after twenty plus years that I only learned to do one thing well in that time. Besides, I actually own a TV, so I am more than qualified to be doing this."

Certifications & Credentials

Hughes is an Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver. He has his TWIC Card, and is HUET, SafeGulf and SafeLand certified. He, of course, also holds a valid U.S. Passport.
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