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Welcome to my corner! This is the place where I can focus on some of the things that I enjoy most when my mind wanders. Now there are a number of things that I have enjoyed doing most of my life - and some of those things I can even talk about. Lucky you. I have always drawn mazes, written poetry and expounded at great length about whatever may be occupying my mind at the time. So, it is just natural that I share some of my mazes, poetry and thoughts with you.

As for the mazes, I started drawing them in 4th grade in San Antonio, Texas, when I saw Carl Anderson drawing them in the style that I would co-opt and make my own. I don't know what happened to Carl, but he drew good mazes and I was determined to make mine as good as his. I will do commission work, but I ain't cheap. Why not just download what is here and work the puzzle, but if you really need a custom job then give me a call and we can talk, but I ain't cheap!

Then there is poetry. I started writing poetry in about 8th grade, after moving to El Paso, Texas. It was that depressing. No! Just kidding! Those vast and endless vistas were so inspiring! Yeah, that's what it was. In any event, I have always enjoyed poetry - reading and writing it - and I still do today. Though most of the poetry I write today takes the form of limericks and haiku that I include on checks that I mail to creditors.

And finally, the Blog. Everyone seems to have one. I don't Facebook or Twitter, but shouldn't the world also be terribly interested in what I think about the minutiae of my day? Of course you should! And, so here it is. But enough about you already! Read my Blog!
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