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Jib Crane Owner/Operator - Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle

Hughes has more than 7 years experience as a jib crane operator, both in live studio and field production environments. Hughes worked for the nationally televised court shows Judge Alex and Cristina's Court, both of which were taped at FOX 24 Studios in Houston, Texas. Mike got his daily reps in on the Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle jib crane system doing up to eight shows a day, 40 plus days a year, in a live to tape environment. He also works a 31' CamMate Jib Crane system at Second Baptist Church in Katy, Texas, most Sundays since 2008. He has extensive experience working concerts, industrials, live studio and commercials with the jib crane systems. 

"I've learned to operate jib cranes in environments where second takes are typically not possible, but if I get a second take I promise that you will like both of them."

Hughes owns the Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle camera crane. Contact Hughes for more details and rates. And be sure to take a look at the gallery of photos from some of his recent jib crane jobs.
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