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This is the web presence of Michael Hughes and Hughes Creative Services. Hughes provides video production, film and still photography services to the Greater Houston, Texas metro area, Central Texas and beyond. Whether you need video camera packages and crews, a photographer to shoot an offshore oil platform, or a top flight Stanton Jimmy Jib Camera Crane Operator, then Hughes is ready to service your needs affordably and efficiently, with an uncompromising eye toward quality and professionalism. 

Be sure to search through this web site for more information regarding the wide range of services Hughes offers, and feel free to browse through an extensive archive of stock photo images - for business or pleasure - that will take you on a journey of escape to different, colorful worlds. There you will also find commentary which will provide you with curious and interesting details that will make your photographic sojourn more enjoyable. 

And do not forget Mike's Corner, where you can find puzzles to pass the time, some poetry to provoke your mind, and a blog of video production and life adventures recounting various thrills in the world of a Houston, Texas, based Director of Photography, Photographer and Jimmy Jib Crane Operator.


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