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Michael Hughes is a graduate of both the University of Texas (B.S. in Radio, Television and Film - Concentration Film Production), and the University of Houston (MBA - Concentration in Marketing, Minor in Finance). He started his professional career in Austin, Texas, after graduating from the University of Texas Film School. From there he moved to New York City to further his professional career, and while there inadvertently earned a Masters Degree in Life Studies, at the School of the Real World, during his more than six year tenure in the greatest city in the world. It was there that he went full time freelance in 1990, working in video production and related media production throughout the greater New York City metro area. In 1994, Mike returned home to Texas and staked a claim in Houston, making it his home now for more than 17 years. 
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"It is the finest hot and flat city that I have ever seen. And it is the fourth largest city in America, but what a lot of people do not know is that it is also the largest hot and flat city in the world. What's not to love?"

During those 17 years, Michael Hughes has established a reputation as one of the best local Directors of Photography in Houston, and with a client base that stretches beyond just Houston, but throughout Central Texas, and all the way back to New York City, Washington, D.C., and points beyond.

In 2004, while working on the "Judge Alex" show, Mike was presented with the opportunity to take on and learn a new skill, that of a Jimmy Jib Camera Crane operator. 

"The show needed a jib operator and I stepped up. I was always fascinated by the jib camera cranes and now I had the chance to learn how to work one."

With the same zeal that he pursued New York City, his masters degree and lizards, Mike threw himself into becoming the best jib crane operator he could be. 

"Five seasons on Judge Alex and three seasons with Cristina's Court were the perfect proving ground. We typically did eight cases a day, three days a week for ten weeks a year - for both Alex and Cristina. And this was live to tape. I got a lot of time in at jib crane and in a demanding, high pressure production atmosphere. I owe a lot to those folks. They made me good."

Now Michael has the reputation of being one of the best Jib Crane operators in Texas, on both the CamMate system, which he works most weekends, and on the Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane, which he now owns and works throughout the state of Texas.

And from the miscellaneous bin, it is worth mentioning that Mike is an avid scuba diver with an advanced open water certification. He has travelled and worked in Russia on a number of occasions. And if you happen to be heading offshore, he has his TWIC Card, and is also HUET, SafeGulf and SafeLand certified.
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